Glorie.Today Deluxe’s Wine Degustation by Ad Bibendum

18 wine countries - 800 exclusive references
ad Bibendum can be freely translated as 'Let us drink'. But not from anything!
Already in 1997 they searched worldwide for winemakers who, through their never-ending commitment, produce wines with character, excitement and emotion.
They would like to share that same passion with you, because wine is simply an experience, pleasure and pleasure.
ad Bibendum is characterized by its constant search for improvement, innovation and refinement. Curiosity and passion drive them, just like knowledge and expertise. 


Beauty Days at Glorie.Today

Experience a relaxing moment with Glorie.Today’s Beauty Days!

We will give you the best personal skin treatment based on an individual analysis.
The products we use are Metamorfose’s most exclusive & high-end cosmetics :

MBR – Medical Beauty Research
KLEANTHOUS – Science Of Beauty
BELICO Derma Concept
MSB – Medical Spirit of Beauty
ELEMENTALSby Skin Nutrition

THALAC Cosmétiques & Soins
21 Trans-Dermal

Your Skin Care analysis & advice are free of charge and without obligation.

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Welcome Glorious one !

You will glory today

Get inspired
Become glorious
Enjoy life today
with us

It will be about nice things, nice places, nice experiences
It’s about meeting interesting people

Like you

Exploring the joys of life, glorious … of course Like you

Mission Glorious living

Great historical location for glorious living. It will be about sharing, communicate, exposing,…meeting, enjoying a glorious life. It’s an ‘open house’, a platform, sustaining culture in its broadest interpretation; architecture, craft, design, art, music, nice food & wine,…

There will be co-working spaces, meeting places, exhibition spaces,…a place where all things exchange.