Pakhuis 't Glorie °1875, renovated masonry façade

Great Location

Pakhuis ‘t Glorie is an old warehouse constructed in 1875 by salesman Mr. Ceulemans and sold in 1925 by Mr. Glorie. It consists of 4 floors above ground level and a basement. It was mainly kept in its original state and is the only remaining and well-preserved warehouse in the area; masonry walls, wooden structure, high ceilings,… and that’s why the current owners (Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens) fell in love with it and dreamed of a new future for the threatened building.

The warehouse is situated in Antwerp, centrally located in Flanders / Belgium and close to the Netherlands. Antwerp is a beautiful city with a lot of cultural heritage, nice shopping lanes and a vibrant port. Antwerp is the center of design and fashion, quality food and restaurants, art, music,…. Antwerp has invested a lot in the development of it’s public places, public buildings and in creating new living area’s…focused in the area between the city-center and the port, in the north of Antwerp. Examples are ‘t Eilandje, Park Spoor Noord, het Mas, the new Port house designed by Zaha Hadid, …and a lot of high quality apartments, houses & offices around ‘t Eilandje. Warehouse ‘t Gorie is situated in this evolving part of Antwerp.

Brussels Airport35 min. by car
Gent40 min. by car
Breda40 min. by car
Eindhoven60 min. by car
Central Station Antwerp12 min. by foot

Warehouse ‘t Glorie is been  thoroughly renovated by sculp[IT]architects  whose main intention was to keep the look and feeling of the old warehouse, but made it ready for the 21st century.